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Jean Bradley, Watercolor Artist of Kauai

Jean Bradley was recently featured in International Artist magazine (Febuary/March edition):

Creator of Watercolor Art

"People often comment, in viewing my work, that they feel the life force, the energy, in the vibrant colors and movement. It's my expression of the magic in nature."

Jean Bradley has always known she would be a professional artist. Art has been part of her life since childhood. Jean's formal training in painting initially centered on oils. For the last 35 years, however, she concentrated on watercolors. The last 2 years she has exploded into acrylics. Jean has studied with nationally acclaimed artists, including John Peisley, Lisa Forster, Stephen Quiller, as well as Peter Berg, a portrait artist. In 1985, a 2-week watercolor trip to Denmark with Lisa Forster, AWS, elevated Jean to a new artistic plateau. Color is Jean's passion. She loves the exploration of light and dark values and shapes in her paintings. The artwork of Jean Bradley has been featured in one-person shows in New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Kauai. She has been the artist in residence at several galleries, actively involved in art associations, and the recipient of several awards for her paintings. Jean teaches watercolor as well as acrylics. She has her work on Kauai at East-West Interiors in Kapaa, Visions Gallery at Morro Bay in California, and a Gift for all Seasons on Oahu. Jean and her husband, Rik Phillips, exhibited their work at the first husband-wife show at the Kauai Museum in July-August, 1997. Rik Phillips is a well-known sculptor.

Pimpernel, a company in England, searched the Hawaiian Islands and found that Jean Bradley's watercolors were perfect for their new hawaiian collection of laminated placemats and coasters. They chose a series of tropical flower images.

KRT Industries contacted Jean for producing a collector's plate with some of her images.

"How Did You Paint That? 100 Ways to Paint your Favorite Subject", a book published by International Art Magazine, includes photos of Jean's work and information describing her painting technique and style. International Artist Magazine is also preparing a feature article on Jean Bradley's "Rhythm and Light" series for an upcoming issue.

Jean and her husband Rick Phillips recently moved to Palm Springs, Ca and can be reached at 760-320-7720

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Floral Triptych
Rhythm and Light - Palm Tree #1
Rhythm and Light - Palm Tree #2
Rhythm and Light - Palm Tree #3
Rhythm and Light - Coconuts
Rhythm and Light - Ti Leaves
Rhythm and Light - Palm Trees with Orange Background
Rhythm and Light - Palm Trees with Purple Cocounts
Rhythm and Light - Red Ti
Rhythm and Light - Palm Fronds
Rhythm and Light - Paradise Palm
Rhythm and Light - Palm Tree #4
Pink Ginger
Banana Flower
Deep Passion Iris
Sunlit Coconuts
Ocean Kids
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